Spring Break is over — I’m onto the final stretch here, folks. I graduate in 46 days. I’ve lived somewhere around 9,000 days total, so, 46? I’m freaking out. So to keep from freaking out, here’s what I’ve been using to distract myself:

Falcon & Finch on Etsy. I’ve pretty much favorited every one of their vintage cameras — I’m obsessed. Not only are the cameras beautiful but this little shop has got some well-informed folks running it. I even messaged them to ask about the Agfa box camera I got for a steal from the Alemany flea market — film? how… does… it … work? I was so confused, and they gave me some great resources and tips, and I didnt even buy the camera from them. Sweet as pie. Sweeter than, actually.

So if you’re looking to get anyone, oh, say… a graduation gift, one of the Falcon & Finch cameras would be fantastic.