ok, guys, I’m sure you’ve noticed I havent been writing on this weblog as much as I had when it began. I had all kinds of things that inspired me back then (so long ago, ha). It’s funny how things come and go so easily — the ebb and flow of inspiration astounds me. It never stops moving. I see it like tradition — passed down from person to person, loathed or loved, utilized or mistreated, forgotten or in constant thought.


It hasn’t left my mind. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about what inspires me. Lately there hasn’t been much to ponder other than where, exactly, my inspiration went. It’s on vacation, I tell myself, and it will be back soon, fresh as a daisy. But there is still that big pink elephant in the room — there is a reason for all of this. I’m sad. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like my hands and brain, for the first time ever, cannot work together. I wonder where my sunshine went, and before I can complete that thought I throw myself into a pitiful temper tantrum and I just haven’t been able to get myself out of it. Sometimes you need help, and most of the time, you can’t say what kind of help or from who or what.


Until today.


I made a friend. His name is Scottie Scholz. He lives in a cabin on the central coast of California. Alone, but not lonely. We’re pen pals. I always knew getting mail from a real person and not a bill or credit card offer is one of the best things, mainly because it doesn’t happen all that much anymore. Mail, real mail, is Scottie’s only option. Today I received a letter, 2 pages long and typed out on a typewriter. That, in itself, is inspiring because I know how long it takes me to hunt-and-peck on one of those metal monsters. There was also a collection of curious bits of nature, delicately folded into an old Simon & Garfunkel Live sleeve. I instantly became jealous of the time he took to collect those little things, and pack them up to send to San Francisco. I wish I had that time. I wish I had the time to respond in an appropriate and deserving fashion. However, that isn’t what it’s about. Scottie knows what it’s all about.

The letter mainly consisted of things that inspire him. The nature surrounding his small cabin, the animals, and the thoughts that he thinks while he’s alone, taking it all in. Taking it all in! That’s what I used to love doing. I forgot. He reminded me.

“Did you know- I do not even know you- and I am proud of you. Weird. But true.  …

Inspire (verb) : stimulate – motivate – prompt – stir – affect – propel – urge – spur – encourage – hearten – embolden – inspirit – animate – arouse – quicken – elevate.

According to the 1977 edition of ‘The Doubleday Roget’s Thesaurus in Dictionary Form’- you do all of that for me.

Did you know that the most powerful thing one human being can do for another human being is? Simply – believe in them.

Okay, stranger.

Go be productive!”


he simply wanted to share his inspiration and hopefully inspire in return. It was the warmest letter I’ve ever received, toasted with a comforting scent of a campfire. How fitting.


I am thankful.