I’ve been on winter break for maybe too long… since I haven’t been able to actually rest, I might as well get this show on the road. a week and a half and I will have to strap bottle rockets to my feet, just so I can move fast enough to get everything done. There’s been a few changes, size ranging from miniscule to medium.


1. Started internship #1 with Angie Wilson.

2. Got my hair cut so my mom will quit telling me “You look nice, but it doesn’t look like you brushed your hair” and I can kind of start looking like I’m 24 and not 4. I’d rather spend money on fabric than a hair cut.

3. Started internship #2 at Anthropologie. I’m working with the wonderful Allie Zee and the visuals team.

4. Signed up for my last semester of classes at SFSU. In May 2011, I will be a college graduate.

-Surface Design, Weaving II, Exhibition Design (even though I vowed to never take another 8 hour friday class, here I am), and Latin American Art History. Oh, and 2 internships.

5. Had a visit from the wonderful Amy Wing. All good things, obviously, since she makes great things, encourages me to make great things, wants to make great things WITH me, and we got to try Tartine, finally, together. *Inspired, but whether to bake or to make things I’m not quite sure.

6. I had the pleasure of visiting Alone Larson and Brad Pettigrew while I was in Southern California for the holidays and it was a treat, to say the least. And I’m not just saying that because I know Alone just subscribed to my blog. They also took me to their friend Zoanne’s (whose last name escapes me) house and studio so that I could peer into the dwelling space of a master weaver. Holy smokes. Two looms and textiles from all around the world. So, can weaving II start, NOW, please?

7. My mom finally found me a desk that will fit more than a jar of pencils. Thanks Mama! It’s huge and has lots of drawer space, and after finding this photo, particle board never looked so good.

Why I never thought of this before is beyond me, and now that I’ve destroyed the wall behind my desk with tacks, nails, and artists tape, I feel rather silly. New desk, new plan, and a few new brain cells.

ok, I think that’s it.