Monster Hearts: A collaborative effort. From left to right: Mummy heart, Allie Felton. Swamp Thing heart, Katie. Wolf Man heart, Jazzmyn Hollis.


I’m glad with the way these all came out, and just in time for Halloween (they were completed about 2 weeks ago, but I just received this photo from our professor, Victoria May).

I went with the natural cotton fibers and leather on mine, and the white poof in the bottom left of the jar is actually a full bloom of raw cotton. Katie worked in some found seaweed and mostly leather. Jazzmyn did a super rad job working with leather and that damn faux fur!

So this is for all you folks that have recently asked me what the hell I’ve been doing. I know, I know, you never see me. Well, I suppose its time to post some finished products from this semester on here so you quit thinking I’m a hibernating California Brown Bear, occasionally disguised as a homely white girl.