SO. SO… I’m too busy to even talk about it. My social life has gone from little to Where’s Waldo-ish, where I can’t even find the time, and when I do, I just thought I did, and nothing really matches up the way it should.

so if I can’t go see my friends, I sure as all hell will not be spending more time with my computer. or blog. at least not more than I have to.


With that said, and all that sass out of my system, here’s what I HAVE been up to:


Contemporary fiber forms. Battling myself, my professor, and enough organza to cover the Pentagon. However, I made a rotary telephone. Yes, for those of you that have seen my previous (seriously previously previous) work, you know that I have worked with this lovely, mustard yellow, rotary telephone with the 213 area code before. I’ll show you a photo, but to be honest? I hate it. I heavily dislike working with organza in such small proportions. If  I ever work with organza again, it’ll be on a much larger scale… if I want to live. I still find the concept to be interesting, and perhaps something I will revisit, but right now, that thing could burn up and I would tap dance to the sound of the crackling, blazing fire. On a happier note, I feel like I grasp the technique of pattern making for 3D objects pretty damn well. Just keep the organza away from me and no one will get hurt.


Weaving. I am a weaving machine. After an intense week of making our own warps (our first warps were made with a buddy) and threading our own 4 harness loom using the back-to-front method, I’m pretty sure all of us suffered physical and mental injuries. These injuries, however, helped us learn right from wrong, weft from warp, and how to fucking count. Seriously. You lose count? There will be an annoyingly tiny visible flaw in your weaving that will drive you (and pretty much anyone who looks at it, OCD or not) completely insane. So, if you count correctly, stay calm, and problem solve, you will be amongst the golden girls. So, on to the next project. We’ve handled the basic patterns, explored more advanced patterns and designed color schemes. Now, it’s time to get weird. MY FAVE. Real freakin’ weird. More to come on this as well.


SO. SO… now, do we understand? Now you know where I’ve been. I have missed you, but there are other things that I miss even more. However, I have learned that there are things that one must sacrifice in order to create great things. Like sanity. I don’t miss it that much, I guess. I am grateful to have such wonderful people in my life, to inspire me and motivate me to work through shit storms, and not allow me to slack off when things do settle down.

On that note, I’m going to Arizona. Heat and adventures await me and the Puddin Head, and perhaps I’ll be able to turn off my brain for a few days.