I’ve been an absolutely dreadful blogger. I apologize for my ways, will you ever forgive me? I hope all 3 of my readers say yes. Including you, Mama.

I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming lately — mainly just the brainstorming with no REAL results because of my extreme lack of funds. I say “extreme” because if it were a sport, it would be just as death-defying as base jumping, snowboarding, or even curling. (Insert awkward forced crowd laughter here.)

But Mama didn’t raise no fool. No, no. I’m only enjoying the calm before the storm that is about to hit my doll house-sized desk. I’ve come up with patterns and designs to finally make use of my vintage paper and fabric collections and I’ve slowly begun executing them. More to come.

All images Copyright Victoria May

This Fall, I will be taking a course with visiting artist Victoria May. It’s a 3D Textiles design course in which we will create sculptures and contemporary forms with textiles. I can’t tell you how excited I really am, because I just actually might burst. Victor De La Rosa and Victoria May. Fall will be just wonderful.

post post note: I’ve realized that there are two types of people in all industries: work horses and show ponies. I know that I am a work horse, so here’s to turning some tricks and winning some blue ribbons a la show pony.