Who doesn’t have daydreams about FORTS? I mean, if you haven’t in recent years honestly wanted to build a fort, crawl in it and not come out for a few days, there is something wrong with you. Kids build forts all the time, but so do adults. We create comfy spaces for ourselves, invest in pillows, lavish beds and linens, and I feel like its all to get back to that textile princess castle or top sheet clad boys only club we finagled as kids.

Tim Macpherson gets it. These kids take it seriously — this is as close as theyre going to get to whatever wonderland they just thought up, so theyre going to make it worth their while. His photos make me smile, especially in this time of delirium. I can’t tell if I need a nap, food, vacation, a stiff drink, or all of the above. So, let’s just build some forts, shall we?

All images by Tim MacPherson via FFFFOUND!