milk & cookies, one scoop., originally uploaded by little mint fox.

So, I love ice cream. A few years ago, the lovely Heather Duncan made all of my dreams come true by giving me an ice cream maker for my birthday. I was going to do this whole elaborate post with recipes included on the 3 kinds of ice cream I made for a BBQ I had over the weekend. Then, I decided against that. Or, I was advised against it, actually.
Does Three Twins post their recipe for their delicious Milk & Cookies ice cream? Nope.
And I would sure as hell love to know what Bi-Rite puts in their Honey Lavender ice cream — pipe dreams.
I’m not tellin’ you fools a damn teaspoon of anything.

Just know this: making your own ice cream is just like making your own anything else — you have the option of creating, replacing, and annihilating recipes. I got so tired of the 10 recipes in the booklet that came with my ice cream maker, and the only book I had (which is lovely, however…) is mostly meant for ice cream mixed by hand on a frozen slab. I took some ideas, made them my own, and bam pow — I’m a one woman ice cream makin’ machine.

Here’s what I made:
– “Ice Cream for Breakfast” a Bacon Maple treat that tastes like pancakes and bacon, pretty much. and yes, those ARE chunks of bacon in there.
– “Goldilocks” a beer and honey mixture. You can taste the hops in the beer, but the honey smoothes over any bitterness. The beer also creates a nice frothy consistency. I used Downtown Brown, a dark, sweet brew made in small batches by a little brewery.
– “Lucy on Vacation” a strawberry lemonade sorbet, made with zero dairy and brown sugar marinated strawberries. This was all I had left at the end of the BBQ, but only because bacon and beer will always be picked first before any kind of fruit. Boys just love to destroy their bellies.

I mean, if anything makes me happy, its feeding people delicious treats. Who wants to loan me some dough to start an ice cream shop?