So the mini show happened on Friday. It was so much fun to see some of my favorite pieces stretched on hoops or in frames. There were some really great pieces to gawk at. The textiles department at SFSU has its own steeze for sure.

Not the best photo, but this is my embroidered self portrait. The kids in art production dubbed me “Barbie Head”, so I decided to keep the nickname for my piece. I’m actually planning on adding to it after the show is over.

And a few from my classmates…

Hyper Face by Meg Drinkovich

Castle Head by Betsy R Johnson

Katey Crews (left) and Moira Taylor (right), two of my other favorites.

It was so awesome during the actual presentation of these pieces during class — they all looked so much like their maker, if not realistic, then with character in each stitch. It was almost like picture day in elementary school.