Alice. Little Red Riding Hood. Both started off on their curious, merry ways, only to find that they were met by daunting, scary character creatures that refused to help them on their way home. I felt the same this past week, I even forgot to do my favorite Monday morning music post. After showing my ideas to my classmates in my studio textiles lab, and seeing their ideas, I felt as though I met my big bad wolf and started to think poorly of my decisions and what may come of them. Constructive crit is always more than welcome, but when it comes from a scary looking person named after a type of cat with a mean voice, its hard to take it constructively. This is when I have to remind myself of the years that I wouldn’t show anyone anything I made… then I said fuck it. FUCK IT! LOOK AT THIS! Tell me it sucks! If you do, I’ll make it ten thousand times better. PLEASE. Please. Today I gave the cat lady a refreshing view of what I had done to alter my piece to get away from a feminist viewpoint (which is not anything I choose to identify with) she had perfunctorily brought up — she smiled. I felt much better. I found my way out of the rabbit hole. Inspiration from the nastiest, dirtiest people: welcome on all counts.

FTW. (i’ll post photos soon and I have 2 rolls of film to develop.)