Lets talk about some real time shit, shall we?

Mail. United States Postal Service. We get older — we get bills. Who says people should only send cards and mail around Christmas time? I say POPPYCOCK. I enjoy sending mail just to send it — putting it together, sealing the ‘lope, sticking it in the mailbox. Nothing more gratifying. Real mail compels people to actually make phone calls, to keep mementos, grin, or even, dare I say, send something back via the treacherous post. However terrifying or tedious you may think it, I recommend you send someone, or a few people, something. It can be anything.

Here is an example of something I sent to my dear dear friend Mr Erik Benjamins for no reason really, although it included the most perfect birthday card ever.


  1. A slang flash card for the term “hyphy” — we say it here, but I doubt they do in Boston, where the fortunate lad resides.
  2. A page from The Secret Garden — part of an art project that I had been working on.
  3. A birthday note.
  4. A key chosen specifically for him from my skeleton key collection.
  5. A bus transfer, so that he can compare SF to Boston public transit.
  6. A button that reminded me of his indonesian tattoo.
  7. An Anchor Steam bottle cap — a San Francisco beer.
  8. My 2 favorite teas at the moment (they may have tainted each other sitting in that bag for too long, but they kept well, I’m sure.)

I sent him these random things because I thought he would appreciate it. If you would like to participate in a pen-pal-ship of sorts with me and perhaps some other people, drop me a line, let me know, I’d be more than happy to send you some findings.