Before I hurl myself into the black abyss that is finals…

This weekend:

I learned how to foxtrot.

I attended the Alameda Antiques Fair (aka flea market) and purchased a Polaroid Land Camera 103 and a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic 126 film camera for the combined price of $7. Film, however, is not so cheap. Luckily Fuji film makes an alternative to the original polaroid pack film for the land camera, which is about as expensive as the old 600 instant packs ($10 or so for 12 exposures). The Instamatic 126 film is harder to find. You can find it on ebay for pretty cheap ($10 +shipping for 12 rolls), expired of course, but I’ve also heard that you can reload the 126 cartridges with 35mm film. We shall see how this turns out. I shall post some photos as soon as finals are over and I can scrape up some film.

I learned a lot this weekend and I’m really excited to have some free time over break to use some of these new skills. anyone up for a photo adventure and perhaps some ballroom dancing?