I love Halloween. I’ve loved Halloween since I was a little kid — to the CORE. It was the one thing my brother and I could bond over. He wouldnt bug me on Halloween. I was too busy to bug him because I was just following him around, letting him scare the shit out of me and doing whatever he asked. My mom made almost all of our costumes growing up. I was a princess in the most perfect pink princess dress for about 3 years, and I wore it almost every day in between those Halloweens. I feel like its the perfect excuse to be silly, creative and just have fun like a kid, which is something a lot of grown’d-up folks forget on the other 364 days of the year. I was really proud of the general public this year. I saw very few store bought costumes, and a TON of really original ideas. I was a goldfish. I made my own costume, mainly because I wanted to, but also because they dont make goldfish costumes in adult, or even human sizes (you could dress your cat as a goldfish…) even if i did want to buy it. My brother and I totally geeked out with each other and swore to never buy costumes again; he texted me to tell me he made his own viking costume and i was ever-so-proud. I made it a point to get photos of all the costumes I thought were particularly well done and imaginative. drumroll, please:
Guidos and a “fuckin’ skank” AKA Jersey girl

Old Gregg!

a veggie burrito

Popeye & Olive Oil

Self portrait. this is the big winner for sure.

Rubick’s cube

some of my goldfish costume. I had a little tail, too. haaaaa

you’re on a roll, san francsico.