The following video is from a project called Anyone Everything. I watched it and documented each of the moments, people, places, and realizations the moments in this video reminded me of. Pay close attention. Some of them even sting a little.

0:34 – My dad and how his big hands can never tie a tie very well.
0:37 – Brandon Moscos’s Grandma Jo. watching her smoke cigarettes and hearing her speak was one of the smoothest works of art I have ever witnessed.
0:41 – Never gotten flowers that I was that excited about. Only once, creepily at work. I gave them away.
0:46 – Finally finding the Golden Gate Park swings with Jason Maggied.
0:48 – Great Josephine. She could crochet the most beautiful blankets even though she was mostly blind.
1:07 – Fremont Elementary school playground, and my kids. this made me squeak out loud and painfully miss them. This was MY favorite game to play.
1:34 – Dog Beach with Othello, and realizing that his paw print wasnt much smaller than my size 10 footprint.
2:16 – The first time I ever had a balboa bar. i still daydream about them.
2:20 – “The only time it is appropriate for an adult to run, aside from exercise, is for MUNI.” -Colleen Babbel
2:32 – 8061 Tarma Street, Climbing on the roof in my mom’s boots.
2:59 – “Here’s to honor… Here’s to gettin-honor…”
3:17 – The first time I ever rode a big, wooden roller coaster with Genna Attwood. I was scared while we waited, but on the ride we couldnt stop laughing.
3:19 – My brother doing flips into my grandma’s pool, and later seeing those same flips in photos sent from different countries and cliffs while he was away at sea.