I’m a mover and a shaker. Sorry I’ve been missing.
I’ve been busy moving and shaking.
Via FFFFOUND! and design is mine

Check my Flickr (to the left, see it?) for some new photos. I had some developed that I took with my grandpa’s 1976 Yashica GSN. Expired film and a broken focus. take a look-see.

Also, every Friday will now be Flickr Friday. I will either share a favorite ever-so-inspirational* photo or a Flickr friend that is particularly sparkling. If you have a flickr, add me. If you dont, get one, then add me.

(*real quick, when I say inspirational, I don’t mean corny, run-of-the-mill, bible passage, sappy sob story, butterflies and wishing wells sort of inspirational. I mean shit that lights a fire under your ass, makes you laugh, makes you want to throw up, applies to life and makes you wanna yell HELL YEAH!, salty, makes you throw Billy Idol-esque fists-of-fury into the air, crunchy, mind cog cranking, crusty inspiration. I will do my best to get this across in my posts from now on.)