Sometimes there are things you just don’t want to do. You just DONT. It’s normal. I refer to it as my “kinder syndrome” — when I worked with kindergartners, sometimes the wrong thing would be on the lunch menu, or it was time to go inside, or they had to wash their hands (again) and they would cry. They would cry because they JUST DIDNT WANT TO. It was never something that would hurt them, it was just the very last thing they wanted to be doing. They would much rather be building marble tunnels of epic proportions, drawing pictures of mythical (to everyone else) creatures, or eating popsicles in the shade and sharing jokes with Miss Allie. I’m having a bit of Kinder Syndrome right now. After I think about it for a minute though, its always makes me feel better knowing that I’m about to do something I really don’t want to do, just because I don’t, and I’m going to do it well. I’ll be proud of myself, and then I can do whatever else I want to do. I should just get this over with, my marble tunnel is waiting for me.

Whenever I get this Kinder Syndrome, I listen to one of the following songs, and it seems to help me get on track. Sometimes you just need a little spark to start a roaring fire.

(See? once Lydia got an A on her math test, she got to float around the house and listen to calypso.)