I’ve been awfully busy, especially considering the fact that its summer time. If you’ve missed me at all, i’m sorry. I have lots of things brewing in my brain, but i havnt had time to execute them properly. the reason why is that I’ve been working a lot at Two Skirts (last week) and this week I have off and I’ve been trying to find a new home. looking and looking… and now Im taking a bit of a break to get inspired and to eat something quick.

One thing that I really want is a desk. I dont have a desk. For the paper crafts, lettering, and doodles I like to do, youd think I would have one. I dont, but you bet your boots when I have one it’ll be the cutest, most inspired desk in town, yessiree. Kinda like this…
I’d also live to have the mini desk roll for kraft paper! heaven!



or… I could go live in a tent…

all images via Frolic! and design is mine.