I suppose some might call me a pack rat. I have downsized a vast amount since I moved away from home. Seems as though once I moved I’d be packing up and leaving far often than one might choose — the load must be light, and mine was not. However, I managed to sift through the funny things I had kept, and only continued to keep the things I really couldnt part with. What are those things, you might ask? oh… keys. locks. paper. yarn, ribbon, and other various sorts of string. found objects. all things imperative to my being. Some brief descriptions…

Keys (and locks): I collect mostly skeleton keys. however, I have accumulated some very interesting keys. whole rings of keys that once belonged to someone, had a purpose, and now they don’t. Do these doors no longer exist? all keys are different, and I think each one is beautiful in it’s own unique way. so, if you have an unwanted key, I have a home for it. let me know.

Paper: tickets, transfers, scraps, clippings… all kinds of paper. I think this comes from my love of typography, design and pretty colors — all things that one tiny piece of paper can have. I frequently peruse my paper collection if i’m looking for something to do — one of them will help me think of something to make, i’m sure. (pssst! I also really love pieces of paper from other places. If you care to share, please do! let me know)

Its interesting to me the things that people collect simply because they like it. they just do. no particular reason, really.

Miss MM recently did a zine on collections. it was lovely. you can see more of her musings here.
All images via ffffound! I even collected all of these photos of collections over time. gosh. I have issues.

What do you collect?