On friday, I attended CCACA ceramic arts festival in downtown Davis. The festival is mostly made up of student exhibitions which are held in willingly-closed businesses due to the high amount of foot traffic the festival brings to Davis. It was a great experience to see other colleges’ work, as well as a few high schools and a junior high! There were lots of amazing pieces, as well as some amazing people…

Walking towards our next gallery, we heard a friendly voice call out “You guys want some free coffee??” Seeing how I woke up at 6 am and drove to Davis from San Francisco, my response? uh, YEAH. Yes, silly dude with a trike, I would love a cup of joe. We approached his little set up and I was ever-so impressed, intrigued, and inspired. I asked what all this was about… He bikes (on an orange tricycle with a homemade trunk/table contraption on top) and sets up shop in random areas and serves strangers free coffee in exchange for some conversation — a little project he’s been doing for quite some time now.
Not only is he doing a really neat socially driven project, he’s also a pretty earth conscious dude. He uses a popcorn popper to roast fair-trade coffee beans. If you’re staying awhile, he provides some pretty adorable mugs to sip from, too. His used grinds go to a worm farm for composting. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be stoked to run across this fellow — free coffee, free friendship, and a free eco-role model? Yes, please!

You can follow EB Cabunoc via his blog, ebcabunoc.blogspot.com, where you can also view his other amazing artwork and contact him via email. He’s planning a coffee bike trip to the Mission soon, so watch for him!