I’m sure most of you that actually read most of my past posts have forgotten about me as a part of the broad entrapment that is the internet. No blog posts for months, I deactivated my facebook account, and for the most part, the only sign of life was my flickr. It felt great. I dropped off the face of the cyber-earth and wanted nothing to do with it. However, as you can see, I’m back. And I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck I got done this whole time. My answer: Nothing. There has been a big fat void of creativity since I’ve graduated. Well, wait. I guess that isn’t true. The creativity is there, I’ve just been stock piling it for the winter. And I suppose the most interesting thing I could tell you, or show you, rather, is somethign that I’ve made, rather than endure all the things I didn’t do while I was playing hide-and-seek.


And I have nothing to show you. So, I will just leave you with this:

I’m saving up for a loom… and it’s going to take me a very, very long time.

I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. (wink!) updates to come.


Ordinarily, I’m not one for advertising. I didn’t even want to send people graduation announcements, and wouldn’t have without the pressure of my parents. However, on occasion, I make exceptions. Awhile back I posted a video about my friend Mitch who was making a film about the struggle of homeless and foster youth, called A Survival Story. Today I ask you to look over a plea that Mitch has prepared, and I ask you to think kindly. We’re not here to crush dreams today, folks. I know that the readers of this blog support me creatively, and if I needed it perhaps even monetarily — lets share the love. I know most of you would buy me a $5 beer, so lets buy Mitch a couple figurative brews. Thanks in advance.

The foster and homeless youth of Southern California face many unprecedented dangers in the pursuit of their dreams.  Mitch Allen and Raymond Cinemato have spent the last year developing a documentary entitled “A Survival Story” to expose and support our less fortunate bretheren which you can find more information on at the ‘Kickstarter‘ website here:  http://kck.st/lycoQO .

This project aims to empower homeless and foster youth aged 16-24 by providing a voice for their stories.  The hope is connect people of influence (including A-list celebrities, politicians, and you) to the means to help.

But this project wont survive if it doesn’t receive your help.  As a passion project, “A Survival Story” has chugged along for a year on no budget.  At this crossroad, we’re looking for modest funding to finish our venture.  There are several tangible incentives you can receive when you pledge whatever amount you wish at http://kck.st/lycoQO .  There are incentives for every amount!

Some incentives include:

-Wrap Party and Premiere invites
-Letters from those you’ve helped
-Digital download of the film’s score
-Credits within the film
-along with many others AND the gratitude of all involved, and the satisfaction of knowing your pledge went towards something that betters the human race.

There is a catch!  Kickstarter calls them ‘pledges’ because unless we reach our modest funding goal beforeWednesday, June 1 at 11:25PM Eastern Time (EDT), WE WON’T BE FUNDED!  If we aren’t funded, you will not be charged a single penny, but we won’t receive a single penny, either.  So it’s all or nothing, do or die.  At this time, we have less than 10 days of our 35 day timeline until our deadline is up and we’re 41% funded.  Help us make the modest budget on time, and tell a very necessary story to the world; “A Survival Story.”

SHARE US and forward us… The project depends on it!  http://kck.st/lycoQO .

edit. erase. quash. backspace.


Double weave is the most time consuming and confusing structure we have learned thus far in 2 semesters worth of weaving. Basically, double weave gives the weaver the ability to create reversible cloth, cloth that is double width (my warp= 12″ wide, double width = 24″ wide), cloth that is tubular (my warp= 12″ wide, 12″ wide tube), and pockets! Each square / stripe in the photo is a pocket. Pockets are great, so I’m finally ok with this structure. 3 more weeks guys. 3 MORE WEEKS.

Maru is my favorite internet sensation since I don’t have a furry critter to call my own. look him up, he’s too adorable to pass up.


Or, devore. Top is devore and copper foil on silk, bottom is devore on black velvet (go ahead, sing the song, I did)

Positive over negative, always.

Spring Break is over — I’m onto the final stretch here, folks. I graduate in 46 days. I’ve lived somewhere around 9,000 days total, so, 46? I’m freaking out. So to keep from freaking out, here’s what I’ve been using to distract myself:

Falcon & Finch on Etsy. I’ve pretty much favorited every one of their vintage cameras — I’m obsessed. Not only are the cameras beautiful but this little shop has got some well-informed folks running it. I even messaged them to ask about the Agfa box camera I got for a steal from the Alemany flea market — film? how… does… it … work? I was so confused, and they gave me some great resources and tips, and I didnt even buy the camera from them. Sweet as pie. Sweeter than, actually.

So if you’re looking to get anyone, oh, say… a graduation gift, one of the Falcon & Finch cameras would be fantastic.




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